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Organize Contents


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Name your Playbook and its author/content creator.
Add an optional description, profile photo and logo.
Finally, if you choose to have the editing of your content locked, choose an easy-to-remember code.



Organize and Upload Content

If your content is a series of exercise videos, organize them by body part or condition or whatever you like.

If you have additional educational content, organize by subject or whatever you like.

Finally name each piece of content (exercise, educational material et. al.) and upload the corresponding media -- video, text, document, audio file and/or image.





Click "Test" and your Playbook is available on your mobile device for testing.

Make any changes you wish in your portal on this website.

See your updates immediately by simply clicking 'Update Playbook' in the menu of your Playbook.



Publish and Share with your



All your users need is the number of your Playbook and they can download it on their My Playbook screen within the AdviceCoach app.

Your first two months are complementary! Use it with as many people as you wish. After your two-month trial, choose from one of our subscription plans, starting at $25/month.